Under the leadership of Frans Bruggen of the Orchestra of the 18th century and the dance company Leine en Roebana, she was the repetitor in a production of Rameau’s “Les Indes Galantes” in Poland and the Netherlands. In the last stage of the preparations she was also conductor of the basso continuo rehearsals, as well as a fully staged dress rehearsal of the whole production (on request of maestro Frans Bruggen). With the dance company “Leine and Roebana” she also worked on and toured with the production “Merg”, in The Netherlands and France. She has also performed in a duo with Heiko ter Schegget in the Czech Republic. Cvetanka has also made regular appearances in different chamber and orchestral projects in Iceland during the past few years, as a member of the Hallgrimskirkja International Baroque Orchestra (formerly “The Hague International Baroque Orchestra”).


She is a member of the baroque ensemble “Teatro alla Moda”, specialized in early chamber music, created with former students of the Royal Conservatory and now well-known performers - Lilia Slavny on violin, Benny Aghassi on bassoon and recorder and Diego Nadra on the oboe.


Cvetanka currently lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands as teacher, choir conductor and performer. She was the correpetitor for the Early Music Department at the Utrecht Conservatory from 2006 until 2016. During this time she also coached students’ chamber music ensembles and on numerous occasions gave basso continuo classes to main subject harpsichord students.

She is also the harpsichord teacher at the Utrecht Centrum voor de Kunsten.


For nearly 20 years she has been a piano teacher in The Hague area of students of different levels and ages, privately and in schools such as The British school and the International School of The Hague. As a choir conductor she works with several choirs with varied musical interests and affinities.